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binary options demo Among other things, eSoftAnywhere DSP & More performs DSP (digital signal processing) on radio audio signals. It is primarily intended for use by ham radio / amateur radio, shortwave listeners, and CB (citizens band) radio operators. In spite of many advanced features, having extensive context sensitive online help and a visual oriented interface make learning and using eSoftAnywhere DSP & More come naturally. Where other software and hardware DSP implementations fail to offer DSP that it is actually usable, eSoftAnywhere DSP & Mores’ easily selectable and configurable presets, a point and click user interface for frequency selection, and several different user selectable visual representations of audio to choose from, make setting and configuring DSP filtering options easy and intuitive.

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Please view the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page farther on if you are downloading the software. If you find a problem, don’t curse the program, cursor the programmer. Send an email.


Software Functions and Features

·        Easy to use for ham radio / amateur radio, shortwave listeners, and CB (citizens band) radio operators alike with extensive context sensitive online help

·        DSP (digital signal processing) of audio signals for improved radio reception

·        AGC (automatic gain control) filtering

·        Automatic notch filtering (removes man made, predicable, and digital signals)

·        Automatic peaking filter (pass only steady, predictable, man made, and digital signals)

·        binary demo account Noise reduction (with variable aggression and/or presets)

·        “Brick wall” filters for reject below, reject above, multiple band pass ranges, and reject band

·        Instant filtering on/off for quick signal comparison and radio tuning with zero delay

·        Complete filter control by frequency, graphical display point and click, or preset filter selection

·        DSP filter presets may be “stacked”; for example selecting the “SSB 700 HZ” filter and then “NOISE REDUCTION – MEDIUM” results in both filters being active)

·        User made presets consisting of any combination of filter settings may be created and saved

·        CTCSS (continuous tone coded squelch system) tone decoding and audio recording to disk activation - can record audio only when a selected CTCSS tone is present

·        DTMF (dual tone multiple frequency - telephone touch tone) tone generation, decoding and audio recording to disk activation - can begin recording when a selected DTMF sequence is received

·        Squelch and squelch activated audio recording to disk - can begin recording when a squelch threshold is broken - useful by itself and in combination with DTMF and/or CTCSS activated recording

·        Graphical displays showing both before and after processing representations of audio

·        Multiple graphical displays to choose from for assisting in filter selection and fine differentiation between before DSP processing and after DSP processing

·        Digital ‘voice-keyer’ feature may be used to transmit canned phrases such as your call sign, location, and etc - especially useful for amateur radio operation (such as contesting!)

·        Full featured radio contact logbook with “Query” and “Export” ability

·        Includes detailed radio operation reference information such as the RST system, Q signals, QN signals, CW pro-signs, CW abbreviations, international multi-language shortwave broadcast database viewing and complex querying and filtering (databases available free to radio amateurs via ILGRadio), international call sign allocation, Morse code reference information, etc.

·        hfx demo account Hot-key assignments to incorporate other favorite radio enthusiast or audio processing applications

·        …. & More

Enhancements Currently In Progress

·        DTMF and CTCSS decoding and recording related features

·        (Possibly) continue wave file input development and support a wider array of wave file formats if there is enough interest (although this is really a real-time audio processing application not intended for wave file processing)


Known Issues

·        The program will simply lock up when trying to perform audio processing on a slow machine. At least a 300 Mhz machine (bare minimum) is required to use this software for audio processing successfully.

·        The “standard sample rates” (8000, 11,025(the default), 44,100) work incorrectly on some sound cards and cause choppy audio. Use any other sample rate values if you experience this problem.

·        Some progress windows do not display any text message (on Windows XP machines)


·        Found something ?

A sample screen view

eSoftAnywhere ham radio DSP software image

and some additional ‘graphical views’ of audio

eSoftAnywhere ham radio DSP software image

eSoftAnywhere ham radio DSP software image

eSoftAnywhere ham radio DSP software image

and some audio recording features

eSoftAnywhere ham radio record software image

View the eSoftAnywhere DSP & More FAQ

(Frequently Asked Questions) Page

Comments, Suggestions, Problems ?

Send an email to say what you like or don’t like about the product, or what you would like to see in the future, etc. Feedback is appreciated.


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Ham radio / amateur radio, shortwave, CB, DSP software
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